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Gives You the Power to Change Your Life!

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Change Your Mindset = Change Your Life!

Quit Smoking Program

Release the Chains - Embrace Freedom!

Weight Management
Virtual Gastric Band

Break Free from Food Addiction & Enjoy Life Again!

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Live Free from Your Past

Stress, Anxiety Management

Restore Your Peace & Live Stress Free!

Holistic Therapies

Allow Your Mind, Emotions & Body to Heal, Cope & Achieve More

Regression Therapy

Release Trauma, Heal & Embrace Your New Life!

Insomnia & Sleep

Ease Anxiety, Sleep Soundly & Gain Peace of Mind

Troubled Teens

Find Direction as You Explore a Bright New Future!

COVID Recovery

Release & Heal from Covid Pressures

Coping with Grief

Find Peace & Understanding in Loss

Quit Smoking Program

Release the Chains - Embrace Freedom!


Surprisingly, that’s the first step! Your desire to quit is as equally important as your WILL to quit. When these two areas align you have a fantastic ability to SHIFT your perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and step into a new lifestyle free from smoking.

This is a fast Quit Smoking Program that happens in just 2 weeks and is fully customised to YOUR needs!

Do you feel you’re ready to:

Regain your health & add years to your life

Be more involved with your family

Really taste your food for how delicious it is

No longer be shunned by society

Regain vitality and energy

Save loads of your hard-earned cash

Is Hypnosis an effective way to Quit Smoking?

Actually Hypnotherapy is the best way to Quit Smoking and can be achieved in approx. 3 sessions! Our Hypnotherapists want to understand your smoking habit – what it means to you, when you smoke, when you don’t smoke, and what methods you’ve tried in the past to Quit Smoking. A large part of Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions are understanding your habit and your ‘triggers’ and how different your life will be when smoking is just something you used to do.

I really want to Quit Smoking but I’m worried I’m too addicted?

Many people may have misconceptions about how hard it may be, how addictive nicotine is, how it relieves stress so how will I cope etc. The reality is often very different, giving up can be easy, a great deal of our smoking habit is just that, habit, rather than just addiction. With our customised programs we give you all the tools and support you need to succeed.

I’ve tried everything without success, how will Hypnosis help?

So if you found that doing things the same way brings the same result, and you’ve tried nicotine patches, gum and drug therapy without success then perhaps your problem isn’t medical in nature but something else. You don’t have to be consciously aware of the reason you smoke, but your mind knows and Hypnotherapy can help you unlock the solution in your mind and bring you freedom from smoking forever! Book your Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program and enjoy your life again!

What are the benefits I might experience if I quit smoking?

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking is a pleasant and drug-free program that can bring about lasting change to stop smoking. And a result of quitting smoking you can enjoy a host of other benefits such as improved relationships, enjoying your food as you tastebuds improve (yes it’s true!), more enjoyment out of life, enjoy a longer more vital life, not being shunned by society and more disposable income so you can choose to spend on what’s really important! There’s loads more benefits to quitting smoking than there are to continue smoking, so why not take that step today towards freedom from smoking and let our trained Hypnotherapists show you how to you live free!

What’s included in the program?
You will receive 2 Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions (spaced 1 week apart)

These Programs are customised to your needs, which is why at your Discovery Consultation you will be advised to book Program A or Program B.

Both Programs have been designed to best assist you to Quit Smoking however one addresses underlying issues that can undermine your success.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Program A

This Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program tackles your habit head on. Our Hypnotherapist will learn about you and your smoking habit. This is critical as our Hypnotherapist needs to know the reasons and triggers that cause you to smoke.

(Some or one of your sessions may be able to be done via phone or zoom as necessary)

Program B

This Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program helps you to identify and remove blockages that may cause your journey to be more challenging for you to quit smoking. There are many reasons and triggers that cause people to smoke.

Our Hypnotherapist will help you identify any issues prior to your quit smoking program and work with you to assist you in resolving these issues. This is crucial to your success and these areas need to be addressed to ensure a successful journey.

(Some or one of your sessions may be able to be done via phone or zoom as necessary)

No matter which program is recommended you’ll have support all the way to help you reach your goal!

What can I expect after my Quit Smoking Session?

You’ll leave the session feeling motivated, in control and with a feeling of freedom and positivity about your smoke-free future, often with audio recordings to listen to for additional support. You’ll also leave with printed manual and you’ll have several follow-up sessions to ensure you feel supported every step of the way. It is important that you allow yourself time to listen, read and absorb these materials, as it is that you continue to keep life stressors as low as possible to give yourself space to make these adjustments.

I want to Quit Smoking but I don’t want to gain weight etc?

Hypnotherapy directly challenges misconceptions about the bad side of giving up that we have heard about such as anger, weight gain, boredom, relaxation time etc. These are all different for every body and many are simply not factual or true. Our trained Hypnotherapists move away from the traditional ‘replacing’ smoking with something else (e.g. sweets, food, patches, vaping etc), instead we just cut the habit off completely.

Do I have to listen to hours of talking?

No, definitely not hours of talking! But the talking part of the therapy is just as important as the hypnosis itself. It gets your mind ready to quit before you even get on the couch! One recent client said after the talking was done, she felt she didn’t even need to get on the couch, as in her mind she had already quit! We still used hypnosis, but it just goes to show the power that a good solution-focussed conversation can have.

So why wait to embrace a new you and a new smoke free future?

Hypnotherapy can help you break free from the chains of smoking so book your Quit Smoking Program today and experience more vitality, more tasty food, better health, improved relationships, more money back in your pocket and a happier new YOU!


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Hypnosis addresses the core of the issue and helps your mind and subconscious to process and effect change quickly, meaning you get over whatever’s been holding you back… FAST!

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP can help you to change your mindset and change your life using easy techniques and visualizations so you can be the best version of you!

Quit Smoking

Freedom from Smoking Programs customised for you so you can really taste your food again, and live with vitality & health! If you are ready to stop smoking then book your appointment today & live FREE from smoking!

Weight Management

Whether you can't stop eating or find trouble eating, we have a customised program just for you. With a gentle understanding approach, we help you move forward so you can once again live a full and happy life.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Is similar to talk therapy, Psychotherapy helps in the treatment of mental health issues and symptoms, so you can understand your feelings and learn new skills to cope with current issues and face new challenges in the future. Psychotherapy delves deeper into the core your problems as we as assisting you with how to solve them

Stress, Anxiety Management

Live beyond surviving! Embrace a thriving life, and discover how our trained Therapists can equip you with customised methods, tools and strategies to overcome your stress and anxiety for good! Hypnosis helps by intercepting this vicious cycle of outdated thoughts and emotions, and reprogramming the brain’s fight, flight and freeze mechanisms helping many issues to ease and resolve.

Holistic Therapies

Three different methods for assisting our mind, emotions and body to recover, cope and achieve more after we go through challenging life experiences. They can help a variety of issues such as emotional disturbances, stress, wellbeing, healing the body naturally from trauma/injury, self help tools.

Regression Therapy

Journey back through your life to points that may have been a trigger for current issues and find ways to process them afresh, whilst removing much of the ‘sting’ out of the experiences. Life Regression Therapy is guided Hypnotherapy as you revisit your previous lives that have shaped the path you have walked thus far.

Insomnia & Sleep

Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool in dealing with insomnia and sleep issues. The root cause of most sleep issues are anxiety. If your daily level of anxiety is higher than average, then you may struggle to get to sleep &/or stay asleep. Fortunately Hypnotherapy is a formidable ally in our conquest of insomnia and the anxiety that underpins its existence!

Troubled Teens

The teenage years can be extremely challenging both for parents and teens themselves. Our trained Therapists can help you navigate your way through this stressful time by providing tools to help everyone cope, counselling to ease anxiety, boost confidence, motivation and self esteem so you can achieve the things you really want.

COVID Recovery

The after effects of Covid-19 illness can vary in severity and symptoms and can continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. Hypnotherapy encourages your body to reach a natural relaxation which improves your sense of wellbeing, helping you restore your self confidence so you can get back into living your life again! Hypnosis is a very effective tool to help your mind overcome negative though patterns, enabling you to live in freedom!

Coping with Grief

We all go through grief. Sometimes it’s loss of someone close, or a much loved pet and it leaves us feeling a deep sense of sadness and pain, with some finding it difficult to cope. Our Therapists can help you navigate your grief using Hypnosis and a combination of other holistic therapies, teaching you tools and skills to recognise that your new reality is okay and that you can cope, eventually moving to a place of peace and acceptance of your loss.